Hello, I’m

Kate Tolliver




Kate Tolliver has spent her career in the nonprofit arena and has experience in the areas of strategic planning, organizational development and nonprofit management. Kate serves as Manager of Nonprofit Austin (The Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College District).

As Manager, Kate oversees the Nonprofit Austin (NPA) NPA’s program development and implementation, data and financial management, alumni engagement, strategic communications and the development of the NPA’s Know-How Network. Kate is also Managing Producer of the NPA’s Civil Society television program and manages the NPA’s multi-year contract with Austin Public Health.

Kate draws on her years of experience in direct service provision and organizational leadership and board development as well as her knowledge of the law.

Kate holds certificates in Paralegal Studies, Business Management, Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Effective Fundraising, Nonprofit Financial Management, Grant Writing and Volunteer Management.

Kate is a minor league baseball fan who is fascinated by the sport’s sabermetrics. During baseball’s off-season, Kate can often be found enjoying NCAA Women’s Basketball and Volleyball.