• Full Time
  • Hays County, Texas
  • $398.23 - $464.60 (Exempt/226 Days) USD / Day

Website Hays CISD / Hays CISD Education Foundation

Primary Purpose:
The Executive Director communicates and drives the Hays CISD Education Foundation’s (HEF) vision and provides personal leadership to the Board and staff in developing financial resources, maintaining relationships with HEF’s constituents, and linking the community’s resources to the education needs of the Hays CISD. The Executive Director reports to and works in partnership with a volunteer board of directors.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
Fundraising/Resource Development:
1. Develops, implements, and provides overall direction of all fundraising activities.
2. Generates a significant proportion of each year’s revenue.
3. In coordination with the Board of Directors, creates written long and short-range plans for HEF fundraising.
4. Involves Board and other volunteers in development activities, effectively utilizes resources, and provides fundraising training for volunteers as appropriate.
5. Cultivates donor relationships to generate multi-year giving options and revenue growth.
6. Expands HEF’s funding base by identifying and capturing other sources of revenue, while continuing to nurture the engagement and participation of its long-standing funding partners.

Community Relations and Awareness:
7. Represents HEF within the community, including the Hays CISD, and develops positive public relations and ongoing support.
8. Facilitates production and implementation of marketing activities and materials that promote and enhance brand awareness of HEF.
9. Participates in community and networking organizations to further the mission of HEF.
10. Acts as the “Face of the Foundation” in the community and at HEF activities and events.

Programs and Services:
11. Develops, implements, and provides overall direction of programs and services consistent with HEF’s mission and resources that also complement the goals and needs of Hays CISD.
12. Evaluates HEF programs and services in relation to specified goals and standards, and recommends modifications as needed.
13. In coordination with the Board of Directors, creates written long and short-range plans for HEF programs, services, and activities.
District Partnerships:
14. Maintains an active and collaborative relationship with Hays CISD staff to ensure aligned priorities between HEF and the District.

Administration and Planning:
15. Oversees development of long-range goals, annual work plans, and strategic plans.
16. Recommends to the Board and/or assists in the formation of policies for the optimum operation of HEF.
17. Follows all rules, regulations, and policies of HEF, and ensures implementation of HEF policies adopted by the Board.
18. Assumes chief administrative responsibility and legal obligations for public accountability of HEF, maintenance of HEF assets, and regular reporting to official parties.
19. Assures maintenance of HEF files, databases and documentation.
20. Provides on-going communication with all constituencies, including donors, volunteers, program participants, HEF Board members, staff, and Hays CISD.
21. Oversees preparation of HEF budgets and monthly reports, and is accountable for control of financial resources once budgets are approved.
22. Provides leadership, direction, and development for key staff and volunteers, and provides regular evaluations of their performance.

23. Comply with HEF and District policies, as well as state and federal nonprofit laws.
24. Uphold the strictest of confidentiality, and operate in an ethical manner.
25. Participate in professional development programs, meetings, and special events as needed, sometimes outside of traditional workday hours.

To apply for this job please visit hayscisd.tedk12.com.