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MTBC is accepting part-time employment for Bookkeeping. This position will be responsible for providing financial and technical support and assisting with related administrative duties. This position allows for up to 10 hours per week, the amount to be determined by needs, submitting hours biweekly.


Specific duties include:

·        Recording income and expenses in QBO database, ensuring prompt co-signing and deposit of all checks at our bank

·        Weekly recording all PayPal transactions in a database and alerting Executive Director to all needs for special donor recognition

·        Ensuring timely payroll tax deductions and deposits for all regular and contract employees

·        Organizing and maintaining all financial records and providing monthly balance sheets and quarterly reports to the Board Treasurer

·        Reviewing monthly balance sheets with Member Services Manager

·        Assist in organizing travel logistics (plane, lodging, car rental reservations, travel insurance)

·       Recording specific communications and contact info in CRM

·        Assisting with basic and complex technological, email and software challenges and updates (basic computer functions, Gmail, Adobe programs, Microsoft Office)


Bookkeepwer will meet monthly and as needed with Member Services Manager to review objectives and set priorities. Reviews will be quarterly, and the job description is flexible, allowing for periodic adjustment and promotion according to demonstrated talents.

To apply for this job email your details to