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Social Venture Partners Austin (SVP Austin) is nonprofit membership organization made up of business and community leaders working together to provide pro bono advice and resources to nonprofits/social enterprises in Central Texas. As an affiliate of Social Venture Partners International (SVPI), we are part of a global network of 3,400 philanthropists in more than 40 markets around the world committed to mobilizing people and leveraging resources to make lasting change locally.

Our mission is to foster a community of engaged citizens, strengthen nonprofits and social enterprises, and invest in collaborative solutions to tackle our community’s socioeconomic challenges. We acknowledge that Austin stands as a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic prosperity on a global scale. However, it’s evident that not all individuals partake in this prosperity. SVP Austin endeavors to bridge the economic gap and broaden access to opportunities for all members of our community, with a particular focus on historically marginalized groups.

SVP Austin’s Strategic Objectives:

  • Connect and Engage Individuals and Networks: Facilitate connections and interactions among various individuals and networks.
  • Establish a network of motivated philanthropists committed to driving positive change in our community through innovative and equity-focused solutions.
  • Promote Equity in Central Texas: Contribute to a robust philanthropic and nonprofit sector capable of addressing systemic equity issues. We will strive to create a community where every individual, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds, can lead meaningful and productive lives.
  • Support and Strengthen Social Impact Organizations: Enhance the capacity of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises by offering equity-informed pro bono advisory services and grants.
  • Develop Innovative and Collaborative Solutions: Foster strategic partnerships with like-minded Community Partners (such as nonprofits, corporations, foundations) to align efforts and accelerate progress collaboratively towards shared objectives.
  • Liaise with SVPI and Worldwide Chapters: Collaborate with SVPI and its affiliates to facilitate the exchange of best practices and programs, benefiting Central Texas.
  • Geographic Focus on Central Texas: Our initiatives are concentrated on Central Texas, encompassing Travis, Williamson, Hayes, Caldwell, and Burnet counties.

The Executive Director Role

The Executive Director (ED) is the senior executive, fundraiser, and primary spokesperson of SVP Austin. The ED is the voice of the organization, sharing our story and inspiring others to join us. The ED manages day-to-day operations to achieve SVP Austin’s strategic objectives and goals, serving our SVP members, the nonprofits/social enterprise organizations we advise, and our community and corporate partners. The ED will have the opportunity to help take an innovative and vibrant philanthropic organization to another level of impact.

Reporting to the SVP Austin Board of Directors, the ED will grow and strengthen the organization and increase market recognition. Of particular importance, the ED will drive growth in membership and revenue for the organization.

The ED will also serve as a representative of the organization in its role as an affiliate of SVPI, utilizing the full benefits of SVPI membership and best practices from fellow chapters around the globe.


Recruitment, Engagement, and Education

  • Recruit new SVP members from across the Central Texas community, working closely with the Membership Committee.
  • Connect to and develop relationships with SVP members in a manner that results in their engagement and retention, working closely with the Membership, Education, and Engagement Committees.
  • Plan SVP educational and networking events to enhance member knowledge, build community and foster recruitment, collaborating with appropriate committees.
  • Identify, establish, and manage Community Partnerships that can serve as sources for new members and/or new advising engagement opportunities.
  • Work closely with SVP Advisory Head to identify and manage advising engagements, including member participation.

Fundraise and Build Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Develop and execute annual fundraising plans that incorporate diverse revenue streams.
  • Retain and grow business partnerships, stewarding those relationships.
  • Explore grant opportunities and establish appropriate co-funding relationships.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Raise the presence and visibility of SVP Austin in the local nonprofit and philanthropic communities to garner new support and collaboration opportunities.
  • Enhance all aspects of internal and external communications, development, and implement strong, well-branded, and DEI-informed messaging.
  • Actively involve various stakeholders to enhance SVP Austin’s visibility, recognition, and impact through a combination of public relations, social media engagement, networking, and accessing supplementary resources.
  • Plan and facilitate stakeholder group meetings and dialogues and manage appropriate follow up.
  • Measure and communicate SVP Austin’s impact on the community, nonprofit organizations/social enterprises, and SVP members.

Leadership and Management

  • In close collaboration with the Board of Directors, continue to work on developing a multiyear strategic plan, incorporating annual budget and tactical plans with measurable outcomes and defined milestones.
  • Update and refine appropriate systems and procedures as required to achieve and measure success.
  • Serve as a passionate advocate for our commitment to DEI.
  • Serve as SVP Austin’s primary interface with the SVPI network.
  • Oversee all legal and financial matters, working with the Board Treasurer.


  • Demonstrate the Ability to Expand SVP Austin Membership: Display a capacity to increase the number of SVP Austin members, while also maintaining the engagement of current members and involving them in our initiatives.
  • Show Proficiency in Guiding and Supporting Motivated Donors, Volunteers, and Community Activists: Exhibit skill in managing relationships, collaborating, and influencing individuals without relying on formal authority.
  • Display Passion for Community Engagement and a Creative Mindset: Exhibit enthusiasm for community involvement and a penchant for innovative thinking.
  • Demonstrate Expertise in Fund Development and Donor Relations: Provide evidence of experience in securing funds and maintaining relationships with individual donors, including a successful track record of obtaining funding from additional funding sources, including but not limited to, corporate and foundation grants.
  • Showcase Achievements in Financial and Program Management: Present a history of effectively managing both financial aspects and programmatic endeavors.
  • Possess Strong Communication Skills: Excel in written and oral communication, including active listening, and possess some experience in public speaking.
  • Bring Operational Proficiency: Bring a proven ability in project management, meticulous attention to detail, and the capability to handle multiple tasks. The ED should be equally adept at strategic thinking and hands-on work within a small, dynamic organization.
  • Demonstrate Motivational and Collaborative Abilities: Show a talent for motivating individuals, fostering consensus, and collaborating effectively, with a record of achieving results through skillful influence and communication.


  • Proven Track Record in Fundraising, Sales, or Business Development: Showcase a history of achieving success in generating revenue, building client relationships, or expanding business opportunities.
  • Demonstrated Leadership and Influence Abilities Beyond Direct Reports: Exhibit the capacity to lead and inspire colleagues, collaborators, and stakeholders in ways that extend beyond traditional hierarchical structures.
  • Minimum of Eight Years in Leadership/Management Roles: Possess a minimum of eight years of experience in roles that require leadership and management skills, preferably within an environment valuing collaboration, teamwork, and influence to achieve outcomes.
  • Experience in Entrepreneurial, Collaborative Culture: Have a background in leadership within environments that are characterized by entrepreneurship and a strong collaborative ethos, where outcomes are achieved through team efforts and the ability to influence.
  • Business Experience Welcome: Candidates with a business background and some nonprofit exposure or knowledge, especially nonprofit fundraising or membership organization experience encouraged to apply, Experience or a demonstrated interest in workforce development is advantageous.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Preferred: A preference is given to candidates holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree, although individuals with equivalent professional experience will also be considered.

If you don’t match 100% of the qualifications outlined above, don’t let that be the reason you miss out on this professional growth opportunity! We encourage you to apply if you can demonstrate most of the relevant skills, experience and competencies desired for this leadership role.


This is a full-time exempt position based in Austin, TX. The position will pay a salary of $100,000 in the first year, with potential to grow based on the success of the organization and the ED.  While working remotely from home is acceptable, this position requires the ED to be located in the Austin metro area in order to participate in in-person meetings or events.


SVP Austin is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applicants without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or domestic partner status, veteran status, medical condition, mental or physical disability, which would not prevent the performance of essential job duties without reasonable accommodation.


Interested candidates should send their resume and cover letter to We encourage submission on or before September 29, 2023.

To apply for this job email your details to