Ability to adapt to constantly changing environmental conditions is one of Generic Priligy online the main features of living systems. At the core of adaptive reactions is irritability - the ability to respond to the action of various factors change in the structure and functions. Irritability have all the tissues of animals and plants. In the evolution of a gradual differentiation of tissues involved in the adaptive activity of the organism. Excitability of these tissues reached its highest development and transformed into a new property - excitability. This term refers to the ability of a number of tissues (nervous, muscular, glandular) respond to stimulation of the generation of the excitation process. Excitation - is a complex physiological process of cell membrane depolarization time, which manifests specialized tissue reaction (conduction of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, gland secretion office and so. D.). Excitability have the nerve, muscle and secretory tissue, called excitable tissues. Excitability of different tissues varies. Its value is assessed by the threshold of irritation - the minimum strength of the stimulus, which is able to cause excitement. Less powerful subliminal stimuli are called, and stronger - suprathreshold. Stimuli causing arousal, can be any external (acting from the environment) or buy Valtrex internal (occurring in the body) effects.
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