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Want to focus on ways the Foundation Directory Online (FDO) database or Guidestar Pro can support your nonprofit work? Nonprofit Austin at ACC is ready to help you leverage Grant Research Center tools to find funding, conduct research and take your 501(c)3 work to the next level.

Foundation Directory Online


A robust database of potential grant funders and the Guidestar Pro tool helps with both research and outreach related to nonprofit work.

Note: Access to Foundation Directory and/or Guidestar Pro  will only be available after attending an orientation session. After orientation, CommunitySpace Members have access to the GRC while at your space, non-members will have access to the GRC tools and library by appointment only, at our Grant Research Center location. To schedule an unassisted appointment, email

Located at Austin Community College, Highland Business Center, 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Room 218, Austin, TX 78752, the GRC is available to guests, in person by appointment only. Access to the GRC is a CommunitySpace Member benefit.

* Limited guest access is also available by appointment only.

*To access Member-only Grant Research Center services and benefits, become a Nonprofit Austin CommunitySpace Member


Open to public by appointment only. 

*CommunitySpace Members have access to the database during CommunitySpace Operating Hours.   GRC and CommunitySpace are subject to ACC’s operating hours and closes for ACC holidays, emergencies, etc.

FURTHER INFORMATION; email for further inquiries.

Getting Started


Orientation to GRC tools

Sign up for the next free virtual Orientation to Grant Research Center Tools


Access Foundation Directory Online

To schedule an unassisted appointment send us an email.


How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an unassisted appointment, email

How do I cancel my appointment.

Cancel your appointment by emailing

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available and enforced by ACC Police Department.  Parking information can be found here.

Do I need to be an ACC Student or CommunitySpace Member to use the Grant Research Center?

The Grant Research Center is open to guests at limited times, by appointment only, at our Grant Research Center location. To schedule an unassisted appointment, email


Can I bring my own laptop?

Guests must use one of our limited number of desktop PC’s.  CommunitySpace members may bring/use their own laptops.

Will I have access to WiFi?

Guests will have access to Guest Wifi.  CommunitySpace Members will have access to Wifi as part of their membership.

Will I have access to printer?

Guests will not have access to a printer but you can easily email all of your database search results to yourself. CommunitySpace Members will access to printing as outlined in your Membership agreement.  Copyrighted materials may not be printed on Nonprofit Austin printers.

Can I access the databases from my home or office?

The databases can only be accessed in the Grant Research Center’s physical location. In addition, CommunitySpace Members may access the databases from their CommunitySpace location.

Can I borrow or check out books/materials?

All resources are intended to be used on site.  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Nonprofit Austin staff.

Will you do Grant Research for me or my organization?

We do not provide grant research services but you will be guided on the use of the databases through orientation.

Can Nonprofit Austin or GRC staff write grants for me?

We don’t write grants but we do offer learning opportunities that are available to Guests and CommunityMembers.  CommunityMembers receive discounts, based on Membership type.

Can I leave my belongings at the GRC?

Please keep your belongings with you at all times, there is no storage available for Guests.  Some CommunitySpace members have storage space as part of their membership.

Can you accommodate groups?

Yes, please email to discuss availability and needs.

Can I bring food and drink?

Food and drink are permitted so long as you use recyclable containers, avoid spilling, and clean up the area when you are finished.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Email general questions to

CommunitySpace Members
Unlimited availability during CommunitySpace operating hours (Appointment required if assistance is requested or you need to use our PC.)
One (1) 45 minute daily appointment only, during GRC operating hours
Included in Membership Orientation
Required prior to first use, by appointment only
Via personal computer while in CommunitySpace membership space or in GRC by appointment
Via GRC computer only (PC computers only)
By appointment and subject to Membership
By appointment and subject to Membership
Available for use on site
Available for use on site
Access as provided with Membership
Guest wifi access

Community Agreements

Users of the Grant Research Center agree to the following.


  • To keep appointments to the 45 minutes allotment.
    Please arrive on time so that you can make full use of your reserved time.
  • To cancel appointments when unable to attend.
    Please cancel any appointment you cannot keep so that this resource is available for others.
  • To the leave the space ready for use by the next guest.
    Please leave the space the way you found it.
  • To keep noise to a minimum
  • To wear headphones when listening to a device
  • To step outside the GRC to take phone calls or to participate in video calls.