Learning Opportunities to help strengthen your organization’s Board Leadership. More classes to be added – so watch this space!

Facilitated by Wendy Biro-Pollard, Volunteer Engagement Expert & BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer

Principles of Board Leadership and Engagement

September 26   |   9 AM – 12 PM  |  $59

As volunteer leaders, board members play an important role in the success of the organization. Boards have significant legal and ethical responsibilities to their constituents, staff, and communities. Strong, knowledgeable boards help the organization gain credibility, provide important access to the community, and serve as effective advocates.

This workshop will introduce board members to the fundamentals of effective governance by defining the basic roles and responsibilities of the board and examining strategies for building effective boards.

Strategic Board Recruitment

October 2   |   9 AM – 12 PM  |  $59

One of the most important responsibilities of a board is to ensure that it continuously adds qualified new members and keeps them engaged. Board building should not just happen when it is time to fill a vacancy. It should be an ongoing process with year-round activities.

Participants will learn what it takes to build an effective board. Understanding these steps can help board members avoid the common ups and downs of building and maintaining a diverse, inclusive and enthusiastic board.

Show Me the Money: Creating a Fundraising Culture

October 16   |   9 AM – 12 PM  |  $59

This workshop helps boards understand their special role in fundraising and describes the five fundraising principles every board member should understand in order to raise funds for their organization. Fundraising is not an easy task, but it is a primary responsibility of every board of directors.

This workshop will help board members feel more at ease with this daunting duty, and is ideal for board/staff leadership teams that are looking to expand the board’s role in fundraising and understand specific steps and processes for success.

Sharing Leadership: The Board/Staff Partnership

October 30   |   9 AM – 12 PM  |  $59

Certain challenges are inherent as board and staff work together to build strong and productive relationships. Boards work best when they focus on setting policy and strategy, not on administration.

This workshop provides guidance on how to distinguish between shaping policy and hands-on management. It will help executive directors and board members clarify the board’s role and strengthen its capacity to govern.

Practices of High-Performing Boards: What Good Boards Do

December 4   |   9 AM – 12 PM  |  $59

This workshop is designed for boards that are eager to take their leadership to the next level of performance. It is especially appropriate for boards that understand governance basics and want to accelerate their performance for mission impact.