Austin Philanthropy

with guest MariBen Ramsey, Nonprofit & Philanthropy Consulting, LLC

MariBen Ramsey, principal of Ramsey Philanthropy, is one of the best connected people in the Austin philanthropic landscape. In this episode, she shares invaluable insights on the changes in that landscape, what donor ought to expect of the organizations in which they have invested, and the lessons she has learned from her lifetime commitment to and engagement in Austin Philanthropy.

MariBen Ramsey

MariBen Ramsey

Nonprofit & Philanthropy Consulting, LLC

MariBen Ramsey Bio:

MariBen Ramsey is a native Austinite. She received both her BBA in Accounting and her law degree from the University of Texas. She was a shareholder of the law firm of Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody before joining the Austin Community Foundation. She served as the foundation’s Chief Philanthropy Officer and General Counsel and was responsible for its grantmaking program. During her 20 year tenure, the Foundation grew from $10 million to $160 million in assets and distributed over $200 million in grants.

MariBen has served on more than 25 boards of non-profit organizations at the local, state, national and international level. She brings not only her legal expertise to these organizations but also her abilities to problem solve, build partnerships and lead others to creative solutions. MariBen advises non-profit organizations in governance, board development, endowments, fund development, legal issues, planning and organizational strategies as well as philanthropic planning for individuals and families.

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