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The Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center at Austin Community College

In this episode of The Black Experience in Austin, we will talk with Khayree Williams, Director of Austin Community College’s Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center (THRT) about why it exists, what impact it is seeking to achieve, how it will achieve those desired outcomes, and how to get involved with its work. We will also explore how Khayree Williams came to this important work as Director of the THRT and his lessons learned that can be of benefit to all of us.


Khayree O. Williams, M.Ed., the founding director of the Truth, Racial Healing& Transformation Campus Center (TRHT).He builds bridges between communities by listening to learn.

Professionally Khayree has enjoyed a higher education career that has combined his passion and purpose for serving underrepresented students at colleges and universities for more than a decade. His experience spans residence life, student organization/Greek life support and diversity and inclusion work.

Khayree received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Human Resource Management and a Master’s of Education in College Student Affairs and Leadership both from Grand Valley State University, where he thrived asa lauded student and student leader committed to diversity efforts.

Khayree recently completed his doctoral coursework in Ferris State University’s Doctorate in College Leadership program, and have an anticipated dissertation defense month of September 2020. Khayree states that this will serve as a culmination of everything that his faith, family, and community have poured into him so that he could do the important work of empowering students through higher education.

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Khayree Williams

Khayree Williams

Center Director, The Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center at Austin Community College

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