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Thought-provoking conversations exploring issues affecting our communal well-being through a nonprofit lens.​ Moderated by Barry Silverberg, Director, Nonprofit Austin.


Meeta Kothare is adjunct professor in the McCombs School of Business and the LBJ School of Public Affairs. She is the founding Managing Director of the Social Innovation Initiative at McCombs. Kothare has over 25 years of academic, business, and social sector experience. Previously she founded Neeva Solutions, a management consulting firm assisting nonprofits and for-profit organizations dedicated to social impact.

For the past 15 years, she has dedicated her personal and professional life to supporting social and sustainable innovation. She focuses primarily on the role of finance, systems change, and human-centered design in promoting such innovation. She is a recipient of the UT President’s Award for Global Learning for her research on social determinants of health in underserved Hispanic and Latino communities.

Meeta is also actively engaged in community service and philanthropy in Austin and is a frequent speaker on sustainability and social impact.  

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Meeta Kothare, PhD

Meeta Kothare, PhD

Managing Director & Adjunct Professor, Social Innovation Initiative, McCombs School of Business

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