Executive Summary of 10 Year Analysis of Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management

The Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management of the Center for Nonprofit Studies is providing solid value to its participants and to the Central Texas nonprofit community.  Most of its 241 alumni are actively serving their communities, living the CNLM credo:  “to be a self-aware, confident, reflective, ethical leader with a strong sense of professionalism, commitment and passion for the nonprofit sector”. A survey conducted on the Certificate’s 10th anniversary reflects the value received and continuing connection of its alumni. 90% of the respondents agreed that the CNLM credo accurately reflected their experience. 91% would strongly encourage a colleague or friend to apply for the CNLM experience. 78% have stayed in contact with colleagues from the CNLM program.

On a personal level:

  • 96% learned lessons about themselves that have continued to be helpful to them
  • 76% experienced a positive change in attitude toward others who may be different than themselves

Read the full survey responses including extensive alumni comments