CNLM Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the CNLM program cost?

Tuition for the CNLM program is $2500.

This cost is split over two semesters, with payment plan options available (see below).

Why should I consider spending 9 months as part of the CNLM experience?

Among the reasons people participate in professional development programs like the CNLM experience:

  • Personal Development
  • Skill Acquisition
  • New employment opportunities
  • Increase income
  • Career Change
  • Promotion with current employer
  • Suggested by employer
    * as reported in Larson, R. Sam & Mark I. Wilson, Building Bridges Initiative Cluster Evaluation: Survey of Nonprofit Management Students
For whom is this program intended?

The CNLM experience is designed for individuals already engaged in, or aspiring to be volunteer and / or professional leaders and managers within the Nonprofit Sector. It is a serious course of study requiring a strong commitment and investment of its participants.

In addition, the CNLM experience will benefit:

  • Local, state and other government employees seeking greater understanding of the nonprofit sector.
  • Students interested in supplementing their current education.
When are the participants selected?

Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis as the Selection Group receives applications and accepts qualified participants. Once the allowable number of participants is selected, the Selection Group is unable to review further applications. Applicants are therefore encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. Applicants will hear from the Selection Group within a week of submitting application.

What does the CNLM experience focus on?

The CNLM experience is designed to focus on the skills need for pragmatic day to day leadership and management of a nonprofit organization. It seeks to connect knowledge and practice and build on the experiences and competencies of those who are participants in the program.

Our goal is to foster effective nonprofit organizations led by knowledgeable and committed professional and volunteer leaders. Effective organizations are those that achieve success by:

  • having a clear mission and vision
  • developing goals aligned with a vision
  • engaging stakeholders in planning
  • allocating resources in a manner consistent with its goals
  • using appropriate measures to determine success
  • communicating widely about its methods and progress
  • evaluating effectiveness based on goals


Many nonprofit practitioners and volunteer leaders come to their work through passion more than by way of an education that has taught them how to lead and manage effectively in order to manifest that passion.

The sharing and transferring of competencies (i.e., knowledge, skills and experience) which form the backbone of the CNLM experience, will lead to and support changes in attitude, perception and behavior. This comprehensive professional development will build personal effectiveness and strengthen the organizations served by our graduates.

The CNLM experience seeks to raise the bar on the practice of professional and volunteer leadership and management in Central Texas and other regions of the state. It will foster a Nonprofit Sector community of practice, developing a cadre of informed, motivated and effective nonprofit professional and volunteer practitioner leaders who will build their professional networks so as to support each other (throughout their careers) in the difficult work of strengthening societal resources and assets for assuring the community’s quality of life.

Striking a balance between formal and informal approaches to volunteer, professional and organizational capacity building, (e.g., formal graduate study, undergraduate academic study, continuing professional education programs, online study, etc.)”

What do graduates receive?

Graduates receive:

  • A Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Management granted by the Center for Nonprofit Studies at Austin Community College
  • Continuing Education Units which may be used to meet other professional and/or accreditation requirements (the cost of which is included in the tuition)
  • A professional library of useful resources (i.e., the course handouts)
  • Public recognition of their participation in CNLM experience and seriousness in seeking professional development and advancement
  • The opportunity to participate in a select group of individuals committed to promoting greater excellence within the Nonprofit Sector of Texas
  • The opportunity to network and develop a support group of trusted colleagues and mentors – as your nonprofit career evolves
  • Each participant gets an ACC identification number that allows access to all the resources available to ACC students, including library resources and internet access at ACC facilities
What is required to earn the Certificate?

Only those who complete the entire course of study as outlined above will receive the Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management.

When are the sessions?

Certificate sessions are on a Friday and Saturday once a month for 9 months, starting in September and concluding with graduation in May. 2019-2020 class dates can be found here

Where are classes held?

All sessions will take place at the ACC Highland Campus, 6101 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

Graduation Ceremonies will take place at the ACC Eastview Campus, 3401 Webberville Road, Austin, Texas 78702

Will I receive any mentoring or coaching?

The CNLM experience is all about mentoring and coaching and the development of long-term relationships. Session leaders, CNLM co-chairs, as well as fellow participants will be available and open to such relationships.

When is graduation?

Graduation occurs in May.

Are there payment plan options?

Once registered, ACC offers the option to set up a payment plan that divides your tuition bill into payments.

Please visit the ACC website for the most current information:

Veterans Affairs educational benefits programs

You have a variety of military and veteran benefit programs to finance your college education. Work with an ACC Veterans Affairs specialist to identify the program that matches your needs.

The CNLM program qualifies for The Hazlewood Act tuition exemption program. Visit the ACC website for more information:

AmeriCorps Service Award Funds

You can use your AmeriCorps education award funds to pay your tuition to the CNLM program.

Learn more here:

How do I apply to be considered for the Certificate's class?

Download and complete the Application here

When is the Deadline to Apply?

Applications must be received by August 23, 2019.

Applications received after August 23 will not be eligible to set up payment plans and therefore will be required to pay one semester’s full tuition balance at the time of registration.

How is the Certificate program funded?

The Certificate program is funded primarily by participants’ tuition, in-kind donations from Austin Community College, and a number of entities that are generously providing scholarship assistance.

Who do I call if I have more questions?

E-mail or call Barry Silverberg –, 512-223-7076

Interpreter Services for Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Austin Community College provides you with American Sign Language interpreter services for:

  • Classroom-related activities (includes field trips, study groups, and professor meetings).
  • Student Life and other college-sponsored activities

Visit this website for more information and to request an interpreter: