Hello, I’m

Anh Pham

Administrative Assistant




Anh Pham enjoys helping people and organizations function and become more successful. Her career includes being Creative Director at The Main Office, and work in the legal, medical and business fields. She has a keen ability to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.  Always, her focus is on providing superior customer service.  Her passion is to make a difference.

Anh’s philosophy centers around what she can do to help others find solutions. A team player, willing to lead or follow, eager to learn, and self-motivated, Anh is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various clients. She takes responsibility and believes that her experience, professionalism, and proactive demeanor underpin her ability to wear “many hats.”

Always curious, Anh relishes the challenge of learning new software applications and taking full advantage of her resources. She is one of the first to adopt and embrace new tools.

It is these qualities, and many others, that leads Anh to be the foundation for the Center’s many initiatives.