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Weekly Experiential Self-Care for Nonprofit Practitioners – w/Lacy Alana

July 28, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Experiential Self-Care for Nonprofit Practitioners with Lacy Alana

If you’re struggling to balance your own needs, and the needs of others in the midst of increasing demands of your work – you’re not alone. Though you know that self-care is important, it may feel like your favorite self-care “go-tos” aren’t meeting your needs right now, or that you’re just not able to do the self-care you know might be helpful.

This experiential workshop series provides an interactive and engaging opportunity to explore and understand self-care in new ways. During this series, you’ll have an opportunity to engage in a supportive learning space that teaches new skills and frameworks while also giving you a committed hour of self-care, connection, growth, and learning. You’ll learn new tools, theory, techniques, psychological frameworks, and brain science that will help you to re-understand and re-invent your own self-care practice. Each week, we’ll focus on a new topic designed to support and improve your wellness and well-being.


WEEK 1 Alternative Mindfulness: While often great, traditional mindfulness and meditation don’t work for everyone – and have the opposite effect for some. In this workshop, we’ll explore alternative pathways to mindfulness and ways to engage in active meditation that resolve the most common challenges with traditional practices.

WEEK 2 Play and Creativity: This workshop will guide you to tap into your playful spirit and will teach you the neurobiological “whys” of integrating more play into your life. Not sure what play as an adult looks like? – You’re not alone. Join us to learn more!

WEEK 3 Self-compassion: We’re often our own worst critics. This workshop explores ways to integrate more self-compassion into you life – and helps break down the neurobiological underpinnings that often sabotage our ability to hold self-compassion.

WEEK 4 Environmental self-care: This workshop explores the ways that you can actively create spaces around you that support your wellness and wellbeing

WEEK 5 Boundaries & Self-care: This workshop provides unique ways and concrete tools that you can use to recognize and enforce boundaries in your own life. Having and naming boundaries is an important part of self-care, and not always easy! We’ll look at ways that you can start strengthening these supportive skills right away.

WEEK 6 Asking for what you need: This workshop will focus on the ways that we can ask for what we need and take care of ourselves by recognizing and naming our truths.

WEEK 7 Spontaneity and Flexibility: This workshop explores the ways that we can harness our flexibility and spontaneity to improve our wellness and wellbeing

WEEK 8 Connection: We are wired to be social creatures. This workshop explores the ways that you can strengthen connections and take care of yourself through creating and sustaining satisfying connections (while weeding out those that aren’t).