Great Resource for all interested in Nonprofit Advocacy

by | Dec 21, 2015

A great resource for all interested in nonprofit advocacy.  The National Council of Nonprofits just released its 2016 Public Policy Agenda “which focuses on local, state and federal issues of concern to all nonprofits. Structured in six broad categories through which educate policymakers and others about the work and impact of nonprofits, the agenda gets specific policy goals into a consistent broader framework.”   A PDF download is available.

The six areas are:

  1. Tax Policy: Empowering Community Solutions through Nonprofits
  2. Budget and Spending: Addressing Community Needs
  3. The Economy: Strengthening Communities through Job Creation and Economic Development
  4. Public – Private Collaborations for the Public Good
  5. Advocacy Rights: Promoting Civic Engagement
  6. Public Accountability and Nonprofit Independence: Insuring Public Trust

As the National Council recommends: “Nonprofit organizations are invited to use this Public Policy Agenda to inform and expand their own public policy work. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Share it with members of your Board and Public Policy Committee.
  • If your organization already has its own public policy agenda for the year, feel free to augment yours with anything in the six categories.
  • If your nonprofit has not developed a policy agenda of your own, please feel free to adopt this statement or to incorporate various segments and text as your starting point.