Senator Kirk Watson Discusses Problem Solving

Mary Gordon Spence introduces Senator Kirk Watson and his unique approach to community problem solving.

Senator Watson’s Five P’s of Problem Solving

Senator Watson’s Ground Rules for Problem Solving

Ground Rule 1: Throw Away All Labels

Ground Rule 2: Listen Carefully and Speak Plainly

Ground Rule 3: You Can’t Meet Everyone’s Concept of Perfection

Ground Rule 4: Be Biased Toward Action

Ground Rule 5: Hope Matters

Ground Rule 6: Have a Short Term Focus with a Long Term Vision

Ground Rule 7: Know your Core Values and Assets and be Willing to Admit Weaknesses

Ground Rule 8: Avoid the ‘Nit Pickers’, ‘Naysayers’ and ‘Know-It-Alls’

Ground Rule 9: Create New and Different Constituencies and Avoid Creating Unnecessary Enemies

Ground Rule 10: Focus on the Positive

Ground Rule 11: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Ground Rule 12: Enjoy the Service