Kate Tolliver

Co-Principal, The Main Office


Dedicated nonprofit professional with over 25 years of experience in direct service, program management, executive leadership and board development.  Passionate with an eye for detail and a strategic approach to goal planning and execution.  Maintains a trifurcated approach, which includes: 1) championing for the agencies best interest, 2) advocating for the stakeholders’ best interest and 3) executing meaningful and ethical stewardship. Recognizes and expresses the need for excellence in service delivery while accessing and reducing risk\liability.

Experience includes:

Direct Client Services /Residential Program Director

  • Direct client service work, including hotline, case management and on-call coverage.
  • Community education and volunteer presentations restructured the residential program staffing to increase coverage and mitigate risk/limit liability on a limited budget.
  • Operation of a 24-hour emergency domestic violence shelter that housed 35 women and children.
  • Strong relationships bulding

C-Level Executive Support/ Leadership

  • Oversaw the day-to-day operations of a victim services nonprofit with a $1.2M budget, 33 employees and 30 active volunteers Responsibilities included budgeting, grant management and reporting, payroll and board member development.
  • Researched and crafted policies and procedures, including policies regarding access to service for transgendered clients, providing services to minors, health and safety and service animals. Assured compliance with state and federal laws, grant and funder requirements. Assisted CEO in monitoring compliance with agency policies and procedures.
  • Prepared for and participated in audits including those conducted by HHSC and OAG that resulted in the agency having no audit findings.
  • Provided comprehensive executive-level support to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors, and represented the Chief Executive Officer internally and externally. Served as primary decision maker in the absence or unavailability of the CEO.
  • Acted as liaison to the Board of Directors, providing administrative and governance support as needed including taking minutes and preparing agendas, preparing proposed motions, resolutions; and amendments to corporate documents and perform the necessary research to ensure legal compliance. Carried out the communication, logistics, travel, space, technology requirements, and materials, and record-keeping for monthly Board of Directors meetings and maintained all corporate records.
  • Responsible for the collection of, input and output of statistical and demographic data.

Development, Event Planning, Resource Management, Volunteer Management

  • Assisted with special fundraising events and solicitations, including facility, food, logistics, and communications. Managed a highly successful, annual golf tournament, working with high-profile community supporters, including Ruth and Nolan Ryan.
  • Assisted with Annual and Capital Campaigns, including individual “Ask Events”, grant writing and reporting.
  • Served as volunteer coordinator, responsible for volunteer recruitment, training, retention and recognition.

Brief statement why you have accepted appointment and what you would consider to have been a successful tenure when your term:

My goals for accepting this appointment include providing a voice of experience and firsthand knowledge of the work of service-oriented nonprofits.  Providing information about lessons learned while keeping an eye on future growth patterns and trends in a way that helps nonprofits stay relevant in their service delivery, communication, stewardship and community connection. I would feel successful in this role if I was able to assist the council define its long and short-term strategies including an execution plan that includes clear and actionable next steps.


Brief statement on your sense of the Center’s impact for its first 15 years and its potential for future:

As the go to resource for nonprofits in the Central Texas area, the Center has shaped and continues to shape the Central Texas nonprofit community.  Offering affordable and relevant education and resources for all nonprofit constituents from “soon-to-be” nonprofits to seasoned professionals, the Center is the place to find guidance and education. For a future state, I envision the Center as the Central Texas nonprofit hub. The place where nonprofits and their leadership and staff can express ideas, discuss challenges, celebrate success and collaborate with a group of like-minded. A resource center where colleagues share their experiences, participate in think-tank discussions and form alliances and partnerships that benefit the community as a whole.  I also see co-working space as a viable consideration.