Rachel Dodge

Director, TexAussie Consulting, LLC

Meeting Rachel, with her warm demeanor and down-to-earth approach, you might never guess that you were talking to a top Organizational Development Consultant.  But you will know what you’ve got once she begins her presentation.  She has an informal style of delivery and is adept at putting participants at ease and promoting contributions from all.

Rachel brings over 30 years of hands-on experience in business and organizational development to every client and project.  Her work experience spans the globe.  She spent the first 27 years of her life trying to escape her hometown of Fannett, Texas and when she did, she eventually alighted half-way around the world. After spending time in Houston, Reno, Cleveland, and Chicago, she spent 21 years in Australia where she raised her two children, battled spiders, snakes, and kangaroos, and created a thriving business.

For the past 20 years, Rachel has had the opportunity to work extensively with not-for-profit organisations, local government authorities, educational institutions, and small business.  Included in the services she successfully and enthusiastically provides are grant-writing, development and management of projects, facilitating business and strategic planning, development and delivery of corporate workshops, development of policies and procedures for not-for-profit organizations and small business, and preparing organizations for accreditation audits.  She has also had the privilege of living and working extensively with the Australian Aboriginal community.

Rachel is now very happily back home in Texas, bringing her wealth of experience to the community as TexAussie Consulting, LLC.