Overlooked Change Principles: Mindfully Navigating Change w the Ner…Pt 1

Overlooked Change Principles: Mindfully Navigating Change with the Nervous System in Mind w/ Lacy Alana Throughout our lives, we face all kinds of change. We move homes and cities, we change jobs, we start and end relationships, we gain and lose family members, identify new goals and life-paths... and so much more. While the size, difficulty, and impact of the changes we face vary - we can be sure that we'll face many more changes throughout our lives. In the workplace, change - and adapting to change - is often essential. Whether you're navigating staff turnover, adapting to a new boss, experiencing policy or funding changes, experiencing exciting growth, or shifting into new responsibilities - being able to move through change is an important part of daily life. Often, when we experience change, it can be difficult to process and orient our underlying needs, feelings, and wants - and we can get swept away in the logistics of adjusting. This can result in longer periods of adjustment, discontentment, and overwhelm. This two part series will focus on: -Key principles that will help guide mindful navigations of change -Understanding the nervous system within the context of change (and how to best […]