Funder Focus: Connect with Austin Community Foundation

Funder Focus Series w/ Susannah ErlerFunder Focus SeriesYour participation is invited as we learn more about Austin Community Foundation (ACF). Gain insights as we hear from an ACF representative who will describe the foundation’s philanthropic purpose including their grant-making mission to improve the quality of life for Central Texans. Bring your questions as we learn more about ACF’s grant programs: Community Grants, the Hispanic Impact Fund and the Women’s Fund.Series descriptionWhat do funders look for in a grant proposal: data, stories, both? What kinds of projects do foundations find inspiring? What choices do funders make in support of communities? Join us for Nonprofit Austin at ACC’s Funder Focus series to learn more about the funding and grantmaking process. Bring your questions for this exceptional opportunity to connect directly with those who make funding decisions that support nonprofit work.Funder Focus Host: Susannah Erler, Director, Greater Good StrategiesSusannah Erler started in a public radio career (including being Director of a National Public Radio affiliate) which later morphed into her current calling to support nonprofits. She earned her master's degree in Business with an Arts Administration (Nonprofit) specialization, is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) and is a Mission Capital Certified Interim Executive […]


Giving Effective and Meaningful Praise (to others and yourself)- Part 2

Giving Effective and Meaningful Praise (to others and yourself)- Part 2Does the way you give praise really *land* with others? Is it motivating? Encouraging? Affirming? Connecting? While giving effective and meaningful praise seems simple enough - most people rarely use praise effectively or deliver it in a way that is the most impactful and meaningful. (This is often the case for ourselves internally, too. We may give nod to things we do well, but do we acknowledge and validate our work in ways that feel important?) Praise, positive feedback, and meaningful acknowledgement are important elements in maintaining healthy personal and professional motivation and development. In this training, you'll: -Be invited to question and evaluate the ways you currently incorporate this into your work and life -Learn various ways to maximize the impact of praise/positive feedback -Learn why some types of praise "work" and others don't -Learn how to best give motivating and aligning praise in a way that helps you and your team unite and work together most effectively

Strategically Engaging Volunteers

Strategically Engaging Volunteers w/ Kathy McCleskeyStrategically engaging volunteers is essential to a well-run program. The ability to intentionally examine where volunteers are needed and how to strategically integrate them into the overall nonprofit’s mission is a key to successful engagement. This course will enable participants to develop a clear path to incorporating volunteers into the overall mission and vision of their nonprofit.