SERIES: Executive Director Fiduciary Excellence

Five-week course empowers executive directors with nonprofit financial best practices to enhance their contributions effectively. Join our comprehensive five-week course tailored for executive directors, equipping them with vital nonprofit financial strategies. Delve into core roles, money management with boards and staff, financial reports, fraud prevention, and more. Includes 1:1 advisory sessions, light weekly homework, and abundant written resources.   Week 1: Core roles and duties - 04/03/2024 Explore essential topics for executive directors and financial staff, covering roles, legal requirements, fraud prevention, liability, and more, ensuring a solid foundation for effective nonprofit management. Week 2: Money and Your Relationship with Board and Staff – getting it right - 04/10/2024 Discover strategies for cultivating strong relationships between executive directors, staff, and boards to ensure effective financial management. Delve into budgeting, reporting, accountability, and fostering engagement for optimal organizational performance. Week 3: Financial Reports - 04/17/2024 Explore the significance of financial reports in nonprofit management during Week 3. Learn why they are essential, who receives them, and how to interpret key documents like balance sheets and profit and loss statements. Discover effective dashboard strategies to engage board members and staff in meaningful financial discussions. Week 4: Fraud prevention, audits; separation of duties […]

SERIES: A Crash Course in Nonprofit Communications

Unleash effective communication! Craft a winning strategy in our series. Learn audience targeting, storytelling, and impact evaluation.Unlock the power of effective communication! Join our upcoming series where you'll learn how to craft a winning communications strategy from the ground up.Week 1 : What is a communications strategy? Why do I need one? Where do I begin?04/18/2024Conducting an internal communications auditThe essential building blocks of a comms strategyWeek 2: Who am I trying to reach and why?04/25/2024Knowing your target audiences is essential to developing contentAnswer 3 critical questions about your audiencesWeek 3: Communicating your organization's story to increase impact05/02/2024The case for storytelling and where all stories beginConsidering the head + heart of your issuesHow to conduct a content brainstorm with your teamPromotion strategies, including social mediaEvaluating impactDon't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your communication skills. Register now and unleash your organization's full potential!Instructor:Lauren CookFounder + Lead StrategistConnectingourstories.comLauren is a writer, strategist, storyteller, and above all, a believer in the power of connecting. She believes when we connect with individuals, ideas, and the natural world around us, we can change ourselves and strengthen our communities.For nearly 20 years, Lauren has worked at the intersection of public policy, advocacy, storytelling, and […]